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Jason's Run

Jason’s Run is the story of an enduring friendship between an autistic white boy named Jason and a black boy named Rick. Jason is born into a wealthy southern family of status and privilege but must endure the rejection of a cold, socialite aunt. Rick is born on “the other side of the tracks” but has the support of a loving grandmother while he faces the pressures of gangs and the streets. Jason and Rick are thrown together through fateful events that forge a bond lasting into adulthood. Jason spends his developing years in an institution. Rick spends his developing years becoming a doctor. After the years, the two are unexpectedly reunited. Rick risks his career and his freedom to rescue Jason from the life he has been forced to live due to the ignorance of his caretakers. Their bond causes them to challenge the institution and their families and set out on-the-run from the authorities. Jason’s Run is a story of loyalty, friendship, redemption, and understanding. Feature Length (Expanded Novel in the works...)


Comments from industry insiders about Jason’s Run:

1. “It is a great script.” Tom Epperson (Screenwriter-One False Move, A Family Thing, The Gift)

2. “I truly think it is wonderful.” Wes Bentley (Actor- American Beauty, The Hunger Games, Interstellar, The Four Feathers)

3. "Jason’s Run is the most sensitive, yet provocative story dealing with autism that I have ever read. Everyone who reads this script is emotionally drawn in to the point of tears. I predict there will be a bidding war over distribution rights for this film, not to mention there will be major actors vying for some of the most powerful and emotional roles written in a long time, for both men and women.” Charlie Adams (Composer, Film Producer, Drummer for Yanni, Autism Spokesman, and Parent of two autistic children)

4. “It has been many years since I served as consultant on the Oscar-winning movie, Rain Man. It did more to bring autism awareness than anything I and all the other advocates around the world have done in 30 years. It is time for another such effective project. I believe “Jason’s Run” could well be that project.” Dr. Ruth Christ Sullivan (Founder Autism Society of America)

Over Mountain

It is the mid-1800’s. Abe Loos is a rugged-looking man in his mid 40’s. His weathered face and tired eyes reveal his years of hard living and youthful indiscretions. Abe, a wanted man, has lived for years in a borrowed, patched-up old shack in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. He has put away his gun and found religion. Abe’s preacher stops by to inform him that the land where he lives has been sold and he must move out. The preacher encourages Abe to go “Over Mountain” to face his past. Feature Length (Expanded Novel in the works...)

A World Away

A supernatural thriller. A newly widowed priest  with a special needs son is forced to face his past and the indiscretions of his youth. He discovers another son he didn't know he had. He is received by the local Native Americans as a long-awaited prophet to free them from the local oppressive government empowered by unseen forces. Feature Length

Moses The Black

Moses The Black is one of the most venerated of the Orthodox Christian saints. Also known as Moses The Strong, and Moses The Ethiopian, this African man of imposing physical stature, was born a slave in Egypt in 332 A.D. Having been driven out for thievery and other crimes, by the government official who owned him, Moses became the leader of a group of 75 outlaws who terrorized, murdered, and pillaged the countryside. Through divine intervention, this notorious criminal was introduced to the monks of Wadi-El-Natroun near Cairo, Egypt and repented. After many years of spiritual struggle, discipline, and ascetic living, Moses The Black became the Abba (Father) of over 500 monks of the monastery. He was martyred at the age of 75 when his monastery was attacked by a group of barbarians. Knowing that the barbarians were coming, Moses refused to leave and peacefully awaited his death exclaiming, "Behold, so many years I have been awaiting this day to fulfill the words of the Lord: 'for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword', and now, why escape and lose the crown?"  Feature Length

Chasing Weisberg

Based on the book: The Woodland Hill Tragedy, By S. Rickly Christian

Writer, and Executive Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, Rick Christian, initially felt ambivalent and detached from the abortion issue. Like many of us, he knew the statistics, but mere numbers did not directly affect him. He begins to question his indifference when a close friend shares the wrenching effects of losing a child to abortion, a child that his girlfriend decided to abort without his consent. Rick discovers that this baby was one of 16,433 found in a rented industrial container in the back yard of a posh Los Angeles home. The names of the mothers and the doctors who performed the abortions were carefully labeled on many of the 16,433 containers.

Rick Christian was determined to chase down the elusive businessman, Malvin Weisberg, who owned Medical Analytical Laboratories, and who stored the 16,433 fetuses in the industrial container, in his garage, and in his refrigerator. Rick and his assistant, Karen Linamen, find the man to be deceptive as they try to track him down. They are confronted with his shady business deals, his poor reputation with his creditors, his lying about his identity, including presenting himself as a doctor, and his attempt to elude them as he moves from house to house. They find themselves relentlessly Chasing Weisberg for answers.

Chasing Weisberg is the journey of one man’s soul from detachment to involvement, from apathy to deep concern. On a larger scale, it is a reflection of what it means to live in a society that routinely destroys its own sons and daughters.  In the end, Rick is faced with the unsettling discovery that the perpetrators of such evil and heinous acts do not always appear as monsters. More often than not, they look just like you and me. Feature Length (co-written with John Mark Huckabee- OPTION contingent on agreement with S. Rickly Christian)


The Kavanaugh family, a political and entrepreneurial dynasty in the South is posed to solidify their power further, but their world is shaken when the patriarch of the family dies and the three sons are left to keep control themselves.  Episodic TV Series  (Created by John Mark Huckabee. Pilot and Episodes 2-3 co-written with John Mark Huckabee. OPTION contengent on contract with John Mark Huckabee.)