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Over Mountain - It is the mid 1800’s. Abe Loos is a rugged-looking man in his mid 40’s. His weathered face and tired eyes reveal his years of hard living and youthful indiscretions. Abe, a wanted man, has lived for years in a borrowed, patched-up old shack in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. He has put away his gun and found religion. Abe’s preacher stops by to inform him that the land where he lives has been sold and he must move out. The preacher encourages Abe to go “Over Mountain” to face his past.

Jason’s Run is the story of an enduring friendship between an autistic white boy named Jason and a black boy named Rick. Jason is born into a wealthy southern family of status and privilege but must endure the rejection of a cold, socialite aunt. Rick is born on “the other side of the tracks” but has the support of a loving grandmother while he faces the pressures of gangs and the streets. Jason and Rick are thrown together through fateful events that forge a bond lasting into adulthood. Jason spends his developing years in an institution. Rick spends his developing years becoming a doctor. After the years, the two are unexpectedly reunited. Rick risks his career and his freedom to rescue Jason from the life he has been forced to live due to the ignorance of his caretakers. Their bond causes them to challenge the institution and their families and set out on-the-run from the authorities. Jason’s Run is a story of loyalty, friendship, redemption, and understanding.