My Work

As a former SAG/AFTRA actor and film producer, I am a visual writer and, be it a novel or a screenplay, I see scenes in my mind as I write. It is as if I am watching a movie. I am a fast writer and do all I can to keep up as the ideas, threads, and storylines continually pour out on the page in front of me. It is as if I am reading rather than writing. I often cannot wait to see what happens next. With this innate, creative method of writing, I rarely use written outlines for my original works. Somehow, it is all stored in my head. My joy is in putting thought to paper in a way that allows you, my reader, to see what I see while creating your own unique and vivid experience.  I do use outlines for my literary works based on existing or true stories, remaining faithful to the sources and adapting them to the page with the same visual creativity and passion.

Join My Journey

You can be involved in my journey by purchasing my works! If it is a novel, buy a few copies for friends and family. If it is a screenplay, open your deep pockets and Option it to produce. If you have an original idea for a book or screenplay, hire me.  My screenplay fee starts with at WGA Minimums. A non-fiction, fiction or biography is a flat fee based on the material and the time involved. In any case, you will know my fee up-front. Let's be part of the journey together.

My Community

The Publishing world has and is changing rapidly. Firstly, fewer and fewer people are reading books and there is a glut of screenplays sitting on producer's desks. Publishers who seek "product" still exist and many writers vie for their attention. Some writers opt to self-publish or contract with one of the credible companies who do the publishing and marketing for an up-front fee  which is paid by the writer. In any case, this is why it is important for any writer to have a community of eager and enthusiastic followers to talk you up and buy your works. It makes good business sense for a publisher to look at a writer who already has an online following. Since you are reading this... WELCOME TO MY COMMUNITY! Make certain you subscribe to my email list to keep updated on the books, screenplays, and other works I am churning out.